Ukrainian Money Dispute Sparks Reports of Kidnapped Israelis In Uman

A Local money dispute in Ukraine prompted inaccurate reports in Hebrew-language media that a group of Israeli tourists had been kidnapped and held at ransom, a Foreign Ministry official said Wednesday. Read more

FBI Arrests More Than 40 Alleged Mafia Members In Five States

NEW YORK – U.S. authorities arrested more than 40 alleged Mafia members across five states early Thursday on charges of racketeering, extortion, loan sharking, smuggling, arson and gun trafficking, among others. Read more

Louis Barbati, Co-Owner of L&B Spumoni Gardens Shot Dead

The co-owner of a famous Brooklyn pizzeria has been shot dead in the backyard of his home in what is feared to be a mob hit. Read more

Italy Arrests Second-Most Wanted Mafia Boss Ernesto Fazzalari

ROME – Italy’s second most sought-after fugitive, a convicted ‘ndrangheta crime syndicate boss feared as a “merciless killer,” was captured Sunday as he slept in his bed in a hideout in the rugged Calabrian mountains, police and prosecutors said. Read more