Menahem ‘Manny’ Waks Sues Brother Over Claims Family Harboured Paedophile

THE man who blew the whistle on sexual abuse at the Yeshiva Centre is suing his brother over claims that he and his parents “harboured” a well-known paedophile. Read more

Efforts To Combat Child Sexual Abuse Are Being Stepped Up

Just by listening to the intensity with which Manny Waks talks, one already begins to appreciate the ardour with which he approaches his work of tackling child sexual abuse within Jewish society. Read more

Child Sex Abuse Inquiry: Victims Angry Orthodox Jewish Authority Intervening In Melbourne School’s Response

An advocate for victims of sexual abuse at a Melbourne Jewish school has expressed outrage at news the global headquarters of the orthodox movement is seeking to intervene in the school’s response to the royal commission into child sexual abuse. Read more

Manny Waks Crosses The Globe To Confront His Alleged Abuser

Manny Waks stands on a street corner in Park Slope, Brooklyn. He drank so much the night before that he doesn’t remember what time he got back to his hotel room. Read more

Yeshivah Centre Board on Brink of Collapse After Abuse Revelations

The board of the Yeshivah Centre is on the brink of collapse, following grim revelations at the Royal Commission and a community campaign. Read more

Yeshivah Abuse Victims Frustrated At Lack of Action After Royal Commission

Four weeks after giving evidence before a royal commission, victims of child sexual abuse within the Orthodox Jewish Yeshivah centres in Melbourne say they are frustrated by a lack of action by senior centre staff. Read more