Acting U.S. Attorney Says Drops Investigation Against NYC Mayor’s Fund Raising, Will Not Bring Charges

New York – U.S. prosecutors on Thursday said they will not bring criminal charges against New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio after their lengthy investigation into whether people involved in fundraising for his election campaign broke corruption laws. Read more

De Blasio Allegedly Personally Lifted Dangerous Building Vacate Order For Satmar Fundraiser

Mayor Bill de Blasio personally intervened on behalf of one of his leading fundraisers to have a partial vacate order lifted on a building the City deemed as unlicensed, illegal and improperly worked on, knowledgable. Read more

Bill De Blasio Must Not Let Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Votes Override His Duty To The Law

Mayor De Blasio, stop ignoring the welfare of Jewish children. Stop supporting policies that condemn them to a lifetime of poverty and illiteracy. Read more

Bratton: NYPD Will Cooperate Fully With FBI Investigation Of Officers

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said Tuesday that his department will “cooperate fully” with the FBI in its corruption probe into the NYPD which The Post exclusively reported on Tuesday. Read more