Brooklyn ,NY – Firm Protests Innocence As De Blasio Distances Himself From Deal

Brooklyn, NY – Several days after allegations surfaced questioning the propriety of a real estate deal, the company at the center of the investigation has made its first public comment. Read more

NYPD officer Involved In FBI Investigating, Including Possible Money Laundering

The FBI is investigating suspected NYPD corruption focusing on the relationship between two politically connected businessmen and a slew of officers throughout the ranks, multiple sources told The Post on Monday. Read more

New York Gives Pro-Terror Palestinian Activist $500,000

Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian-American activist who recently raised an uproar for her open support of rock-throwing terrorism against Israel, has been awarded over $500,000 by the City of New York. Read more

Mayor De Blasio Vows To Return Campaign Donations From Longtime Jewish Friend Facing Investigation

Brooklyn, NY – As the probe into Mayor de Blasio’s longtime friend and donor, Yitzchok (Isaac) Leshinsky and his former nonprofit, Housing Bridge, continues, de Blasio has said he will return campaign contributions totaling over $20,000 dating back to 2007 that he received from Leshinsky for his City Council and Mayoral runs. Read more