Robert Hannigan To Take Over GCHQ

The deputy director-general of MI5 will reportedly become the new chief of GCHQ. Read more

Wikileaks: MI5 and CIA Developed Spyware To Turn Samsung TVs Into Bugs

The CIA and MI5 worked together developing viruses designed to turn Samsung smart TVs into household bugs, recording audio and sending data to covert computer servers, according to a new cache of leaked intelligence documents published by Wikileaks. Read more

MI5 Chief Andrew Parker Warning Over ‘Increasingly Aggressive’ Russia

Russia poses an increasing threat to the stability of the UK and is using all the sophisticated tools at its disposal to achieve its aims, the director general of MI5. Read more

London Police Chief Warns Terror Attack A Case Of ‘When, Not If’

A terror attack in the UK is a matter of “when, not if”, the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has warned. Read more