Trail of Dead Russians

Former FBI special agent Clint Watts, testifying at the Senate Intelligence Committee’s hearing on Russian meddling in last year’s elections, had an arresting message for his interlocutors: “Follow the trail of dead Russians”, he said. Read more

Former MI6 Agent Christopher Steele Returns To Work

The former British intelligence officer behind a dossier of lurid allegations about Donald Trump yesterday broke cover for the first time since his explosive claims were made public. Read more

Russian Spy Oleg Erovinkin Found Dead In Moscow

A FORMER KGB spy chief suspected of helping Brit spook Christopher Steele compile the Donald Trump ‘dirty dossier’ has been found dead in mysterious circumstances. Read more

Christopher Steele: Ex-MI6 Spy Behind Trump ‘Dirty Dossier’ Has Gone Into Hiding

Former British spy Christopher Steele, the man behind the Donald Trump “dirty dossier,” has gone into hiding. Read more

Christopher Steele: Ex-MI6 Agent Behind ‘Fake’ Dossier

An former-British spy has been named as the man who compiled the dossier containing explosive, if unverified, allegations against Donald Trump. Read more

Britain Faces ‘Unprecedented’ Terror Threat, Warns MI6 Chief

Britain faces an “unprecedented” terror threat that will not subside until the Syrian civil war ends, the head of foreign intelligence service MI6 said Thursday, according to AFP. Read more

London Police Chief Warns Terror Attack A Case Of ‘When, Not If’

A terror attack in the UK is a matter of “when, not if”, the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has warned. Read more

MI6 Spy Gareth Williams Found Dead In Bag Had ‘Hacked Clinton Secrets’

A MI6 spy who was discovered dead in a holdall at his apartment in 2010 had hacked into sensitive information about former US President Bill Clinton, it has been claimed. Read more