Michael Flynn May Have Turned on Trump and Become FBI Informant

CNN national security analyst Juliette Kayyem cited unnamed sources and the fact that Michael Flynn has not been called upon to testify under oath before the House Intelligence Committee as evidence that the former Trump adviser may have “cut a deal with the FBI.” Read more

Former Mossad Chief: Maybe Flynn Was Thrown Under The Bus To Protect Trump

As the heat stays on the Trump administration about possible illegal communications with Russia, the resignation of National Security Council chief Michael Flynn last week and the proximity of his meetings with the Russian ambassador to his meetings with Mossad Director Yossi Cohen once again raised the question of whether Israeli intelligence has or could be leaked to Moscow. Read more

GOP Intelligence Chairman: FBI Needs To Explain Why Michael Flynn Was Recorded

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said Tuesday that the most significant question posed by the resignation of national security adviser Michael Flynn is why intelligence officials eavesdropped on his calls with the Russian ambassador and later leaked information on those calls to the press. Read more

Michael Flynn Resigns As Trump’s National Security Adviser

President Trump’s embattled national security adviser Michael Flynn resigned Monday night, Fox News reported. Read more

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s Job Security In Jeopardy

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s job security is in jeopardy, White House policy adviser Stephen Miller’s studied non-defense of Flynn illustrates a new level of isolation from Trump and his inner circle. Read more

NSA Withholding Intelligence From ‘Untrustworthy’ Trump Administration

The National Security Agency has been withholding information from the White House, fearing that President Donald Trump and his staff cannot be trusted not to leak sensitive information, a former NSA analyst claims. Read more

Feds Probe Michael Flynn’s Ties To Russia

Counterintelligence agents have been probing President Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn over communications with Russian officials, a report says. Read more

Ex-Intel Chief: Obama Ignored ISIS To Get Reelected

Lt. Gen. (ret.) Michael Flynn, former head of the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) from 2012 to 2014, told CNN on Tuesday that US President Barack Obama ignored a report in 2012 about the rise of Islamic State (ISIS) because it didn’t meet his reelection “narrative.” Read more

Ex-US Intel Chief: We Were ‘Dumb’ To Let ISIS Chief Go

Lt. Gen. (ret.) Michael Flynn, who served as head of the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) from 2012 to 2014, spoke to the German Der Spiegel on Sunday about the war against Islamic State (ISIS). Read more