Michael Oren: Obama Has Selective Memory on Middle East

US president Barack Obama’s controversial interview last week in which he repeatedly criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proves that he has “selective memory” about the Israel-related events of his presidency, Kulanu MK Michael Oren said Sunday. Read more

Michael Oren: Obama’s Non-Orthodox Jewish Advisors Don’t Understand Israel Character

Former Israeli ambassador to the United States Michael Oren says he pressured Random House to publish his controversial new book “Ally” now, rather than during book season in September or October, because “Israel is at a fateful juncture” before the deadline of the Iran talks and the vote on the French initiative on Palestine in the Security Council. Read more

Former Israeli Ambassador To U.S. Michael Oren: Obama Abandoned Israel

Former Israeli ambassador to Washington, Michael Oren, who is currently serving in the Knesset, accused President Barak Obama on Tuesday of abandoning Israel since coming to the White House in 2008. Read more