U.S. Authorities Rule Ex-Kremlin Official Mikhail Lesin’s Death An Accident

WASHINGTON — U.S. authorities have ruled the death of former Kremlin media boss Mikhail Lesin an accident, saying that a nearly year-long investigation determined that “acute” alcohol intoxication was a contributing factor and that the case is now closed. Read more

NYT: Mikhail Lesin’s Strange Death In U.S. Follows A Fall from Russia’s Elite

WASHINGTON — As happens sometimes with wealthy Russians, Mikhail Y. Lesin found his business and political fortunes in Vladimir Putin’s Russia crumbling. Once an influential player in Mr. Putin’s rise to power, he was abruptly dismissed from his position in the Kremlin’s powerful media apparatus. Read more

Washington – Former Russian Press Minister Died In U.S. Of Blunt Force Injuries

The mystery surrounding the death of Vladimir Putin’s former press minister in a Washington hotel deepened on Thursday when an autopsy revealed blunt force injuries to his head. Read more

Was Putin’s Media Chief Mikhail Lesin, Ready To Snitch Before He Dropped Dead?

When police found Mikhail Lesin dead in a Washington, D.C., hotel room, the most interesting question wasn’t the cause of his demise, but what he was doing in the United States in the first place. Read more

Yacht of Dead Putin Aide Mikhail Lesin Found Abandoned In Australia

The mysterious death of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s former chief propagandist in Washington, DC, has taken a new turn Down Under, where his $50 million superyacht was discovered stranded in Brisbane. Read more

The Mysterious Death of Mikhail Lesin The Man Behind Putin’s Media Machine

For a man who once shaped Russia’s media sector, remarkably little is known about the last months of Mikhail Lesin’s life. Read more

Man Behind RT News Service, Former Jewish Putin Aide Mikhail Lesin Dies In DC Hotel

Vladimir Putin’s former press secretary, who was an “inspiration” for the Russia Today (RT) news channel, has been found dead in a hotel room in Washington. Read more