14 Involved In $147M Boiler Room Scheme

A total of 14 people were charged for their alleged roles in a $147 million stock manipulation scheme involving publicly traded companies on Wednesday. Read more

US Appeals Court Blocks Release of HSBC Money Laundering Report

HSBC, one of the biggest banks in the world, won a major victory on Wednesday when a New York federal appeals court reversed a lower court’s decision to release a potentially damaging report detailing the bank’s money-laundering practices. Read more

Florida Men Charged In $1 Billion Illegal Gold Scheme

MIAMI — It’s a nickname that most people wouldn’t want, but one man took pride in it. Read more

Colombian Corruption Watchdog Charged In Miami For Money Laundering

MIAMI, FL — Colombia’s National Director of Anti-Corruption was himself charged with a corruption-related offense on Tuesday in Miami. U.S. prosecutors unsealed charges that accuse Luis Gustavo Moreno Rivera with laundering money with the intent to promote foreign bribery. Read more

Kosher Money Laundering: Gemachim Not To Report Up To $50 Million To IRS

According to Globes, which got hold of a draft circular sent out recently by the Bank of Israel, said draft recommends several ways in which a provident fund (gemach, Gmilut Chessed in Hebrew) can be exempt from reporting to the US tax authorities. Read more

US Accuses Chinese Company of Money Laundering For North Korea

HONG KONG – The U.S. has moved to seize nearly $2 million from a Chinese company that it says laundered money for North Korea. Read more

US Says Hezbollah Associate Pleads Guilty To Money Laundering

A Lebanese man accused of trying to use his ties to Hezbollah to further a scheme to launder drug money pleaded guilty on Friday in a Brooklyn, New York federal court to a US money laundering conspiracy charge. Read more

FBR Investigating Investment In Crypto-Curren

The FBR’s anti money laundering (AML) cell has launched investigation into the financial affairs of persons having massive investments in crypto-currencies, including bit-coins as it is being used allegedly for the purpose of money laundering. Read more

Porsche Design Tower Tied To Brazilian Money-Laundering

Singer Alicia Keys headlined the grand-opening party for the Porsche Design Tower, an ultra-luxury condominium complex in Sunny Isles Beach built by Miami developers Michael and Gil Dezer. Read more

New York Russian Money Laundering Trial Settled Suddenly

A money laundering trial scheduled to begin Monday in Manhattan Federal Court that prosecutors had said would lay out how millions of dollars was stolen from Russia and hidden in New York is suddenly settled. Read more