Gulnara Karimova Questioned By Swiss Prosecutors

The elder daughter of Uzbekistan’s late President Islam Karimov was questioned recently over money-laundering accusations by Swiss prosecutors while under house arrest in Tashkent, according to a lawyer who attended the meetings. Read more

Dan Gertler Is There A Future In Congo?

“Nothing happens in Congo without Dan Gertler and Gertler can do nothing without playing the Israeli card,” said an advisor to an international mining conglomerate. Read more

Goodluck Jonathan Named In Italian $1.3B Malabu Oil Fraud

Lagos – Italian prosecutors have alleged that Nigeria’s former president Goodluck Jonathan and his oil minister received kickbacks as part of a $1.3 billion deal involving oil giants ENI and Shell. Read more

EU Greens Claim Malta Could Be Put on Tax Haven Blacklist

The involvement of Maltese politicians in the Panama Papers scandal will castdoubts on Malta’s ability to push through EU anti-money laundering and tax reforms when it holds the European Presidency, the Green parties at the European Parliament believe. Read more

Is France In The Right Position To Indict African Leaders?

Teodorin Obiang, vice-president of Equatorial Guinea, is on trial in France for plundering the nation’s treasury to fund his aristocrat lifestyle. Read more

Search Tied To TelexFree Case Turns Up $20M Hidden Under A Mattress

About $20m was seized from under a mattress in a Massachusetts apartment after a Brazilian man was arrested for laundering money linked to a multi-billion dollar global fraud. Read more

French Corruption Trial of African Leader’s Son Postponed

A French court decided to adjourn the corruption trial of the son of Equatorial Guinea’s president until June 19. Proceedings in the case against Teodorin Obiang have come to a halt two days after they had begun. Read more

Deutsche Bank’s Head of Anti-Money Laundering Peter Hazlewood Steps Down After 6 Months

Deutsche Bank’s head of financial crime and anti-money laundering is stepping down just six months after he was hired to help improve systems and controls even as the bank faced charges ranging from sanctions breaches to mortgage mis-selling. Read more

Son of Equatorial Guinea’s President Goes on Trial For Graft In Paris

The corruption trial of Teodorin Obiang, the eldest son of Equatorial Guinea’s President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, opens Monday in Paris. Obiang is accused of amassing millions of dollars through “bribes and kickbacks”. Read more