FBR Investigating Investment In Crypto-Curren

The FBR’s anti money laundering (AML) cell has launched investigation into the financial affairs of persons having massive investments in crypto-currencies, including bit-coins as it is being used allegedly for the purpose of money laundering. Read more

Porsche Design Tower Tied To Brazilian Money-Laundering

Singer Alicia Keys headlined the grand-opening party for the Porsche Design Tower, an ultra-luxury condominium complex in Sunny Isles Beach built by Miami developers Michael and Gil Dezer. Read more

New York Russian Money Laundering Trial Settled Suddenly

A money laundering trial scheduled to begin Monday in Manhattan Federal Court that prosecutors had said would lay out how millions of dollars was stolen from Russia and hidden in New York is suddenly settled. Read more

Chinese Authorities To Use Facial Recognition Tech To Fight Money Laundering

The government of Macau has announced that facial recognition will be implemented at ATMs to confirm cardholders with China UnionPay. Read more

Spain Orders Money Laundering Probe Against HSBC Executives

MADRID — Spain’s National Court said it is investigating seven current and former HSBC executives in the private banking business charged with money laundering and criminal organization. Read more

Kalonzo Muyoka Money Laundering Exposed

The government has frozen the accounts of the Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation. Read more

Malta Scandal Exposes New Zealand Trusts Again

A Malta magistrate is investigating explosive claims of money laundering and corruption that have put New Zealand in the middle of a global cash trail from the family of Azerbaijan president Ilham Aliyev. Read more

US Feared For Safety of Nikolai Gorokhov

A Russian lawyer investigating an alleged $230 million money-laundering scheme nearly died in March after he fell from his fourth floor apartment in Moscow. Read more

DOJ Indict Bank Manager, Several Others For Bangladesh Bank Heist

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has resolved to indict several individuals for money laundering in connection with the $81-million Bangladesh Bank (BB) heist in February 2016, including a former manager of the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC), and owners of remittance firm Philrem Corporation. Read more

Florida Lawmakers Want Bitcoin Covered Under Money Laundering Law

Florida lawmakers want virtual currencies like bitcoin covered under the state’s money-laundering statute, a change that supporters claim would ensure criminals cannot use Internet-based currencies to conceal financial activities, according to The Miami Herald. Law enforcement officials support the measure but some bitcoin enthusiasts say it will undermine bitcoin. Read more