Hillary Clinton ‘Gave Bill A Black Eye In The White House’

The US Secret Service agent who first raised concerns about Monica Lewinsky’s access to the White House is set to publish a book claiming Hillary Clinton “lacks the integrity and temperament” to serve as president. Read more

Monica Lewinsky’s Prom-Like Red Dress Fails To Impress At Tony Awards

Over the past year, Monica Lewinsky has been making more public appearances than usual, and she showed up to the Tony Awards in New York City on Sunday night in a red lace dress. Read more

Monica Lewinsky Offered $1 Million By Las Vegas Museum For Blue Bill Clinton Dress

A museum in Las Vegas is offering Monica Lewinsky $1 million dollars for the dress that she wore during her tryst with then-President Bill Clinton, the New York Daily News reported on the weekend. Read more

Monica Lewinsky In TED Talk on Cyberbullying

VANCOUVER, Canada — Monica Lewinsky on Thursday took her freshly launched fight against cyberbullying to a premier TED gathering known for attracting Internet titans, celebrities and others influencing modern culture. Read more