Joseph Gutnick and Family Face Bankruptcy Grilling

Fallen mining magnate Joseph Gutnick, members of his family and business associates are to be grilled under oath over his $275 million bankruptcy as trustees try to unravel his complex financial affairs. Read more

Joseph Gutnick and Son Mordechai Gutnick Links To US Fund In The Spotlight

Merlin Diamonds has been ordered to explain the relationship between its founder, bankrupt mining magnate Joe Gutnick, his son, Mordechai Gutnick, and a mysterious New York fund that owns 11 per cent of the company. Read more

Joseph Gutnick Diamond Shares Frozen

The Takeovers Panel has frozen shares in Merlin Diamonds held by the family of bankrupt mining magnate Joseph Gutnick, New York investment fund Regals and others after allegations of collusion at a shareholder meeting in September. Read more