Greta Van Susteren Out At MSNBC

Greta Van Susteren tweeted Thursday afternoon that she is leaving her hosting duties at MSNBC. Read more

MSNBC Host Accused of Anti-Semitism After BDS Post On Twitter

A host on TV news network MSNBC was accused of anti-Semitism after he responded to a twitter post about an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man as a ‘perfect time’ to talk about the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction movement against Israel. Read more

MSNBC Apologizes For ‘Completely Wrong’ Maps of Israel

The US television network MSNBC apologized Monday for using maps that were “not factually accurate” in a segment last week on the violence sweeping Israel. Read more

Petitioners To NBC: Fire Moheyldin For Biased Israeli Reporting

New York – A petition calling for the ouster of an MSNBC news reporter for allegedly providing biased coverage of events in Israel has exceeded its goal of 5,000 signatures in just two days. Read more