Oklahoma Police Chief Resigns Over Alleged Neo-Nazi Ties

The interim police chief of a small town in Oklahoma announced Sunday he will resign over alleged neo-Nazi ties. Read more

Neo-Nazi Site Raises $150K To Fight Lawsuit By Jewish Woman

The founder of a neo-Nazi website says he has raised $150,000 in donations to fight a lawsuit from a Jewish woman who claims the site organized a “troll storm” against her, the Los Angeles Times reports. Read more

Diane Kruger Wins At Cannes For Film on Neo-Nazi Attack

BERLIN, Germany — German-born Hollywood star Diane Kruger cast her glamorous image and returned to her roots to win best actress at the Cannes film festival Sunday. Read more

German Neo-Nazi Who Fled To Avoid Prison Arrested In Hungary

A notorious German neo-Nazi has been arrested in Hungary, where he had been seeking asylum after fleeing to avoid serving a prison sentence for Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic incitement, Munich prosecutors said Monday. Read more

Sebastian Gorka Denies Ties To Pro-Nazi Groups

President Trump’s controversial deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka on Sunday denied any links to pro-Nazi groups and compared the fight against the Islamic State to the battle to end Hitler’s monstrous reign. Read more

Neo-Nazi Website Unleashed Internet Trolls Against A Jewish Woman

WASHINGTON — A Montana Jewish woman, backed by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is suing a neo-Nazi white supremacist for launching a harassment campaign against her and her family. Read more

Popular Neo-Nazi Blogger Resigns Over Revelation His Wife Is Jewish

The founder of the popular right-wing blog The Right Stuff resigned over the revelation that his wife is Jewish. Read more

American Neo-Nazis Single out Jews In Small Montana Town

A neo-Nazi group is targeting Jewish residents of a small Montana town, publicizing their personal information and calling upon white supremacists to harass them – a form of cyber bullying colloquially known as “doxing”. Read more

Greater Manchester Police Apologises Over Nazi Uniform Photo Tweet

A police force has apologised after posting an “unacceptable” image of two men dressed in Nazi uniforms on its official Twitter page. Read more

Jeffrey Goldberg: ‘Neo-Nazis Are Emailing Me Links To Haaretz Op-Eds’

A “Twitter war” erupted today between prominent American-Jewish journalist Jeffrey Goldberg and defenders of the left-wing Haaretz newspaper and website, after Goldberg criticized some of Haaretz’s editorial choices. Read more