A Rabbi In Iran The Neturei Karta’s Fight Against Israel

The two-day Sixth International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada held on Tuesday and Wednesday in the Iranian capital of Tehran was a great opportunity to spout anti-Israel rhetoric for opponents to the Jewish state, including for a select few ultra-Orthodox Jews. Read more

NYC Councilman Successfully Takes on Neturei Karta At Anti-BDS Hearing

Police ejected dozens of disruptive anti-Israel protesters from the New York City Council chamber during a debate on whether to adopt a resolution condemning boycotts of the Jewish State on Thursday. Read more

Neturei Karta Attack Vizhnitz Rebbe For Meeting IDF Soldiers

As the High Holy Days approach, Israelis of all religious backgrounds are cognizant of a more spiritual atmosphere in the country and that includes IDF soldiers, who during the past several weeks have been taken to meet some of the Jewish world’s most prestigious spiritual leaders. Read more

NY – Israel Day Parade Faces Jewish Anti-Israel Protesters

Manhattan, NY – Marchers in the Israel Day Parade up Fifth Avenue faced some dissonant spectators: Orthodox Jews who don’t believe Israel should exist. Read more