Cop ODs After Touching Powder Left on Shirt Following Drug Bust

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio — Police say an Ohio officer suffered an accidental overdose after a drug arrest when he touched powder on his shirt without realizing it was the powerful opiod fentanyl. Read more

Three Young People Who Died At Hard Summer Rave In Fontana Were Ecstacy Overdoses

The three people who died at the Hard Summer rave in Fontana this summer all suffered from drug overdoses, the San Bernardino County Coroner’s Office announced Wednesday. Read more

NYC 33 People Hospitalized After K2 Overdoses

Dozens of half-dead people blindly staggered through the streets of a Brooklyn neighborhood known as “Zombieland” Tuesday morning, propping themselves up against fire hydrants and vomiting foam down their shirts. Read more

HBO Producer Marc Henry Johnson Arrested In Doctor’s Cocaine Overdose

Two men were charged in federal court in Manhattan on Wednesday with attempted cocaine distribution, conspiracy and moving the body of an overdose victim to avoid apprehension in a case linked to the 2015 overdose death of Kiersten Cerveny, a prominent Manhasset dermatologist. Read more

Scandal: FBI Says Hospice Owner Told Nurses To Kill

The founder and owner of a hospice care company in Texas directed nurses to induce overdoses in several patients as a means of increasing their profits, KXAS-TV reported on Tuesday. Read more