Oklahoma Police Chief Resigns Over Alleged Neo-Nazi Ties

The interim police chief of a small town in Oklahoma announced Sunday he will resign over alleged neo-Nazi ties. Read more

Explosive Device Set off At Oklahoma Recruiting Center

Federal authorities have confirmed an explosive device was set off outside an Air Force recruiting center near Tulsa, Oklahoma. Read more

Leedey, OK – Massive Oklahoma Manhunt Ends With Fugitive Suspect Dead

LEEDEY, Okla. – A massive, weeklong manhunt for a suspect in a string of violent crimes, including the killing of two relatives, the shooting of two police officers and multiple carjackings, ended on Sunday evening in a police chase and shootout that left the man dead in western Oklahoma. Read more

Fracking King Aubrey McClendon Hit 89 MPH Without Braking Before Fatal Crash, One Day After Being Indicted

Oklahoma oil tycoon Aubrey McClendon was driving close to 90 mph just seconds before the fiery crash that killed him a day after his indictment on bid-rigging charges, Oklahoma City police said Monday. Read more

Former Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon Dies In Single-Car Crash Day After Indictment

Former Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon died in a car accident in Oklahoma City on Wednesday, one day after he was indicted on charges of conspiring to rig bids to buy oil and natural gas leases. Read more

Oklahoma City – Muslim Man Sues Oklahoma Gun Range For Refusing Him Service

Oklahoma City -A U.S. Army reservist from Tulsa asked to leave a gun range in eastern Oklahoma after identifying himself as a Muslim sued the owners Wednesday, the latest in a series of cases across the nation alleging anti-Islamic discrimination. Read more

Week of Severe Weather Leaves At Least 43 Dead Across Seven States

Blizzard conditions were the latest subset of extreme weather to hit the heartland Sunday after a string of severe storms left at least 43 people dead across seven states over the previous four days. Read more

Stillwater, OK – Police: Drunk Driver Slams Into Parade, 4 Dead, 34 Injured

Stillwater, OK – A woman suspected of driving under the influence plowed into a crowd Saturday during the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade, killing four people and injuring dozens more after a collision that sent some spectators flying through the air. Read more

Oklahoma Supreme Court Orders Removal Of Ten Commandments Monument

Oklahoma City – A Ten Commandments monument on the Oklahoma Capitol grounds is a religious symbol and must be removed because it violates the state’s constitutional ban on using public property to benefit a religion, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday. Read more