FBI: Coney Island Gangsters Burned Down Competing Poker Den

Four members of an Eastern European organized crime family have been busted for torching a Brooklyn building housing a rival poker game that was stealing their clients, authorities said​ Wednesday​. Read more

Australia Says Organized Crime In Financial Sector Costing $28B A Year

ORGANISED crime is costing Australia $36 billion a year with professional lawyers, accountants and computer experts increasingly being used to commit crime and hide assets. Read more

Mafia Money Pollutes The EU, UK, Economy

Major profits from large-scale illegal activities have to be laundered to enter the so-called clean economy. Read more

46 Mafia Members May Walk Free Because FBI Leak To Blog

Former Philadelphia mob boss “Skinny” Joey Merlino is poised to skate from trouble yet again, this time owing to FBI buffoonery. Read more

Europol: Organized Crime Goes ‘High-Tech’

High-tech crimes, such as document fraud, money laundering and online trading in illegal goods, are at the root of almost all serious criminality, Europe’s police agency said on Thursday. Read more

Israel Hands Organized Crime Suspects Meir and Yitzhak Abergil To U.S.

Suspected organized crime figures Meir and Yitzhak Abergil boarded a U.S. federal plane on Wednesday headed for the United States, more than two years after the first request for their extradition. Read more

The Clintons Are A ‘Crime Family’: Ex-FBI Said

An ex-FBI big excoriated the Clintons as a “crime family” just days after the bureau said it received new evidence in the Hillary Clinton email server. Read more

Mob Boss Domrani Indicted In Sweeping Organized Crime Case

Southern Israeli mob kingpin Shalom Domrani and dozens of associates were indicted Thursday for their role in an ongoing gang war in the Ashdod area that has seen a series of murders, bombings, and shootings in the south in recent years. Read more