Lesbian Hasidic Mom Who Lost Kids For Being Gay Wins Them Back

A formerly Hasidic mom lost custody of her kids after coming out as gay and was barred from even telling her youngest children about her sexuality, according to a first-of-its-kind Brooklyn court ruling. Read more

Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef Calls UK Rabbi’s Comments on Gays ‘Heresy’

Rabbi Joseph Dweck, the senior rabbi of Britain’s S&P Sephardi Community (SPSC) , has “gone abroad to meet his critics” in an attempt to quell the storm over his views on homosexual tendencies, according to a report Tuesday by the Jewish Chronicle. Read more

Rabbi’s Remarks On Same Sex Relationships Generate A Storm Of Controversy

An Orthodox rabbi has unleashed an extraordinary public attack against the head of the Spanish and Portuguese community for claiming “the homosexual revolution is a fantastic development for humanity”. Read more

Group Of Israeli Orthodox Rabbis Urges Greater Acceptance Of Homosexuals

In an unusual move, a body of Orthodox rabbis on Sunday night took a step toward encouraging the acceptance of homosexuals within their communities. Read more

Representatives of Ultra-Orthodox, LGBT Communities Meet In Tel Aviv

An uncommon sight greeted visitors to Tel Aviv’s Gan Meir park on Wednesday night: Several ultra-Orthodox Jews, mainly men in black suits, entered the city’s Gay Center, located within the park. On their way to a meeting on the second floor, they incurred quizzical looks from some young people who were waiting for an HIV test. The puzzlement was mutual. Read more

Jerusalem – Religious Gay Leader: Stabber Acted Alone But Had Backing Of Rabbis, MKs

Jerusalem – As Israel reels from the aftermath of the Jerusalem gay pride parade stabbing and prepares to lay to rest 16-year-old victim Shira Banki, one leader in the religious gay community says that preventing further attacks like this will require a huge change in the Israeli religious establishment. Read more

Jewish Groups Celebrate Historic U.S. Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling

How often do you get the opportunity to pack “109 years,” #LoveWins and the colors of the rainbow into 140 characters? Read more

Orthodox Jewish Drag Queens: Joyfully Putting The Sin In Synagogue

This March, one of New York’s up-and-coming drag queens, Lady SinAGAGA, made her debut at Tina Burner’s Invasion, at the historic Stonewall Inn. She began the night in an elegant silk robe, then took it off to reveal a rather sexy bodysuit coupled with knee-high boots. The crowd cheered for her as she sang her soulful rendition of Out Tonight from Rent, her favorite musical. Read more