Former Rabbi Accused of Child Sex Abuse Now Rising Star in U.S. Spiritual Movement

Marc Gafni, a Massachusetts-born former rabbi who has a been accused of a series of acts of sexual misconduct in the United States and Israel and who spent years living in Israel is remaking his life in California as a leader of a new American spiritual movement, the New York Times reported Sunday. Read more

Brooklyn, NY – Muslim Student Calls For Help As Orthodox Jewish Student Attacked At CUNY College, NYPD Investigating

Brooklyn, NY – The NYPD confirmed today that an assault against an Orthodox Jewish student that took place Wednesday night in a Brooklyn college is being investigated as a hate crime. Read more

Assault Charges Against Williamsburg Jewish Man Accused Of Beating Gay Black Student Dismissed

Brooklyn, NY – Assault charges against an Orthodox Jewish man alleged to have participated in the gang beating of a gay black college student in Williamsburg in 2013 have been dismissed. Read more

Jewish Porn Star Says Orthodox Parents Accept Her

American porn star Joanna Angel told a British newspaper that her Orthodox Jewish parents New Jersey have been accepting of her career choices. Read more

‘Wife-Killer’ Was Living Secret Life In Months Prior To Arrest

Rod Covlin was living a secret life complete with a new job and a false name and LinkedIn page in the months before his arrest this week in the Upper West Side bathtub murder of his beautiful wife. Read more

Husband Arrested In Orthodox Jewish Wife’s Death In NYC Tub, After 5 Years

New York – For nearly five years after a finance executive was found strangled in her Manhattan bathtub, suspicion swirled around her estranged husband. Read more

Orthodox Jewish Family Escorted Off JetBlue Flight, Says Airline Called Them ‘Animals’

A woman claims a flight attendant referred to her family as ‘animals’ as they were escorted off a JetBlue flight on Tuesday. Read more

NY – Orthodox Jews File “Discrimination” Suit Over Key Fob Renovations In Lefrak City

Queens, New York – Orthodox Jewish residents of the massive 4,605 apartment complex in Lefrak City, Queens have filed a “discrimination” suit against the buildings’ owners over the installation of key fobs and other electronic renovations that are causing major problems for them during the Sabbath. Read more

Faigy Mayer Who Committed Suicide Had Mental Issues, Says Family

The suicide of an ex-hasidic woman who threw herself off a Manhattan skyscraper last week may have had less to do with alienation from her family and former community and more to do with her history of mental illness, one secular cousin told the media this week. Read more