Child-Sex Abuse Victim Chaim Levin Rallies Orthodox Jews To Pressure Politicians For Child Victims Act Passage

Chaim Levin says he was sexually abused by his cousin for years, abandoned by his family and shunned by his community. He has wrestled with his identity and sexuality. Read more

Obama’s ADL Boss Goes To War Against Cruz, Trump, Orthodox Jews

Two years ago, I warned that the ADL would turn truly ugly under its new boss, Jonathan Greenblatt, an Obama veteran. And that’s exactly what happened. Read more

Lipa Schmeltzer Bitching About The Orthodox Rabbis

On the sixth night of Hannukah last December, about a thousand Hasidic and Orthodox Jews came to Queens College for “Following the Stars!”—a concert featuring four Hasidic singers. Read more

Chassidic Sisters Combine Modesty and Fashion

Chaya Chanin and Simi Polonsky’s designs have been embraced by both Orthodox Jews, and fashionistas from further afield. Read more