Orthodox Jewish Woman Suing Former Employer For Passover Sanctions

An Orthodox Jewish woman has gone to a federal appeals court in her lawsuit against a former employer with claims she was punished for taking off time for the Passover holiday. Read more

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto Out of Jail For Passover on Wedding Loophole

The Lod District Court on Monday gave permission for Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto head of the Shuvu Yisrael sect who is currently serving a year in jail for bribery and corruption to be released to take part in the wedding of his brother. Read more

Some Trump Vodka, Popular As kosher For Passover, May Not Be Kosher

Trump Vodka is one of perhaps a dozen products carrying the moniker of Republican front-runner Donald Trump that have fallen by the wayside through the years, a point his critics charge undermines his business reputation. Read more