Trial Begins For Safed Rabbi Charged With Sexually Assaulting 12 Women

The trial of Rabbi Ezra Sheinberg, the former head of the Orot Ha’ari Yeshiva in Safed, charged with perpetrating sex crimes against 12 women seeking his treatment and advice, began on Wednesday behind closed doors at the Nazareth District Court. Read more

Wife of Rabbi Ezra Scheinberg Knew of His Transgressions

The wife of Ezra Sheinberg, the disgraced former head of Orot Ha’ari Yeshiva in Tzfat, said he told her about two cases in which he performed indecent acts with women he was supposedly treating. Read more

Sex Abuse Rabbi Claims Innocence Then Says He’s ‘Repenting’

Ezra Sheinberg has “repented” from misdeeds he apparently never committed, he claimed wildly Friday, after denying he ever sexually abused the 13 women who filed claims against him. Read more

Rabbi Ezra Scheinberg From Tzfat Indicted on Sexual Abuse

An indictment was submitted by the state prosecutor on Monday morning to the Nazereth District Court against Rabbi Ezra Scheinberg, who faces complaints of severe sexual abuse from no less than 13 women. Read more

Sexual Abuse, Rabbi Ezra Scheinberg Is ‘Cursing’ Prison Guards

Rabbi Ezra Scheinberg, the rabbi from Tzfat (Safed) accused by no fewer than 11 women of sexual abuse, has been threatening prison guards at the Tzalmon Jail where he is currently being detailed, reports Army Radio. Read more

Sparks Fly As Women Confront Rabbi Ezra Scheinberg Accused of Sexual Abuse

A well-known Rabbi Ezra Scheinberg in northern Israel suspected of a series of sex offenses against women in his community has met with three of his alleged victims for the first time since the case hit headlines. Read more

Rabbi Ezra Scheinberg Used Social Media To Find Women For Sex

Police have uncovered social media accounts allegedly used to reach out to women that they believe belong to a prominent Rabbi Ezra Scheinberg from northern Israel recently accused of multiple sex crimes. Read more

‘Public Learned A Lesson’ With Rabbi Ezra Scheinberg Accused of Sexual Abuse

The case of the Rabbi Ezra Scheinberg from northern Israel who has been accused by at least eight women of sexual abuse has captured the attention of the Israeli public, with the rumor mills swirling after the press has declined to publish the rabbi’s identity. Read more

Rabbi Ezra Scheinberg Denies Sex Abuse Allegations

The well-known Rabbi Ezra Scheinberg from northern Israel accused by multiple women of sexual abuse has denied the allegations against him on Wednesday, speaking just after a hearing which extended his detention by eight days. Read more

Rabbi Ezra Scheinberg Accused of Sexual Aabuse Allegations

The Nazareth District Court rejected Tuesday an appeal by a well-known rabbi from northern Israel facing sexual abuse allegations, after the Magistrates’ Court decided to allow his name to be published. Read more