Third Circuit Affirms Conviction Of Rabbis In Kidnapping Case

A federal appeals court Friday upheld the convictions of three Orthodox rabbis for their roles in a ring that used brutal tactics to force unwilling Jewish men to divorce their wives. Read more

Rabbis Convicted In Forced ‘Get’ Want Verdicts Overturned

Lawyers for three Orthodox rabbis are seeking to overturn the 2015 conspiracy convictions that put the three in prison. Read more

Judge Denies Rabbi Mendel Epstein For Bail Pending Appeal

TRENTON — A federal judge has denied a bid by two rabbis convicted of kidnapping-related charges to stay out of prison while they appeal their convictions. Read more

Rabbi Mendel Epstein Used Electric Cattle To Force Husbands Into Jewish Divorces

This is the shocking moment an Orthodox Jewish rabbi known as the ‘Prodfather’ was caught on camera offering to torture husbands into divorcing their wives as part of an FBI sting. Read more

Rabbi Jay “Yaakov” Goldstein Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison In Jewish Divorce Kidnapping

Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Sentenced To Eight Years In Prison For Conspiring To Kidnap Jewish Husbands, Force Them To Consent To Religious Divorces. Read more

Ringleader In ‘Get’ Coercion Ring Rabbi Mendel Epstein Sentenced To 10 Years

Two Orthodox Jewish Rabbis Sentenced To Prison For Conspiring To Kidnap Jewish Husbands, Force Them To Consent To Religious Divorces. Read more

Rabbi Mordechai Wolmark Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison For Get Extortion

Trenton, NJ – An Orthodox rabbi was sentenced Monday to more than three years in prison for his role in a ring of Jewish men who used brutal methods and tools, including handcuffs and electric cattle prods, to torture unwilling husbands into granting their wives religious divorces. Read more

Amsterdam Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag Tied To Violent New York Divorce Squad

The chief rabbi of the Orthodox Jewish community in Amsterdam, Aryeh Ralbag, has been linked to a case in the United States against four rabbis who allegedly kidnapped and beat Jewish men to force them to agree to a divorce. Read more

3 Rabbis Convicted Of Kidnapping, Torturing Orthodox Jewish Men Into Granting Divorces

TRENTON, N.J. — Three rabbis were convicted in federal court Tuesday of conspiring to kidnap Jewish men in order to force them to grant their wives divorces. Read more