Kabbalah Rabbi Yehuda Berg’s Sexual Advances Turned Her Away From Religion, Says Jena Scaccetti

A former Kabbalah Centre International student testified Wednesday that her negative experiences with the Jewish school of thought has prompted her to shun religion, distrust the clergy and install extensive security in her home to protect herself. Read more

Madonna, Ashton Kutcher’s Rabbi Yehuda Berg Liable For Sexual Misconduct Against Follower

Madonna and Ashton Kutcher’s rabbi was found liable for sexual misconduct against a follower. According to Jewish Business News, Kabbalah Centre International and Rabbi Yehuda Berg was sued for inflicting emotional distress on Jena Scaccetti. Read more

Kabbalah Centre Rabbi Yehuda Berg To Pay $127,500 In Sexual-Advance Suit

A woman who brought a sexual misconduct suit against the former co-director of the Kabbalah Center, a spiritual group whose brand of Jewish mysticism has drawn many celebrity devotees, was awarded $177,500 in damages by a jury on Tuesday. Read more

Kabbalah Centre Rabbi Yehuda Berg Sued on Rape Allegations

The former co-director of Kabbalah Centre International plied a student with Vicodin and alcohol, then inappropriately touched her and tried to have sex with her, an attorney told a jury Tuesday. Read more