The Kabbalists’ Waning Influence

They went arm in arm, the young, charismatic Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, forcefully holding onto the rising tycoon Jacky Ben-Zaken. Read more

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto Will Not See Early Release

The Central District Court decided that Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, head of Mosdot Shuva Israel, will not be released early. Read more

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto To Be Released Early For Health Reasons

The parole board in the Prison Service has decided to release Rabbi Pinto after he served seven months of his sentence for bribery and corruption charges and expressed regret for his actions. Read more

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto Gets Rehabilitation Plan Ahead of Possible Release

In another day, the leader of the “Shuva Yisrael” organization, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, will appear before the parole board to request an early release from prison, to which he has been sentenced for one year. Read more

President Rivlin Rejects Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto Request For Clemency

President Reuven Rivlin has rejected a request to pardon Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, who is serving a year in prison for attempted bribery and obstruction of justice. Read more

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto Wife Devorah Tries To Commit Suicide

Rescue forces were dispatched on Wednesday night to the Ashdod home of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, the head of the Shuvu Yisrael sect who is currently in jail for corruption, after his wife Rabbanit Devorah Pinto was found unconscious and in serious condition. Read more

Police Intervene As Rabbi Pinto Is Targeted By Extortion And Threats In Prison

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, who entered prison about four months ago, has been targeted by criminals in a nearby cell who have been threatening the rav to extort money from his chassidim. Read more

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto Requests Pardon For Medical Reasons

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto has submitted a request for pardon, Channel 10 reports Tuesday, just two months after beginning his jail sentence for corruption. Read more

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto Out of Jail For Passover on Wedding Loophole

The Lod District Court on Monday gave permission for Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto head of the Shuvu Yisrael sect who is currently serving a year in jail for bribery and corruption to be released to take part in the wedding of his brother. Read more