Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence Get Trial Date on Corruption Charges

A federal judge on Thursday set a Jan. 9 trial date in the corruption case against Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence and former town lawyer Aaron Troodler. Read more

Monsey – Lawsuit: Orthodox Jewish vs Orthodox Jewish

A builder is being accused by his neighbors of potentially building more apartments than approved by Ramapo planners at a large housing complex on the former Temple Beth El property along Viola Road. Read more

Monsey – FBI Returns To Ramapo Amid Fraud Investigations

MONSEY – The FBI returned to the Town of Ramapo Friday to serve more search warrants in connection with an ongoing fraud probe in the county. Read more

FBI Probe Of Orthodox Yeshivas Now Eyeing School Lunch Frauds

Brooklyn, NY – As speculation continues to swirl regarding the recent widespread FBI raids in Ramapo, Kiryas Joel and Brooklyn, an employee at a Williamsburg yeshiva has said that the searches may encompass a wider scope than originally thought. Read more

Kiryas Joel Also Targeted In FBI E-Rate Raids; Program Has Long Been Abused, Insiders Say

The FBI raids that targeted more than twenty addresses in Ramapo and Brooklyn last week reached as far north as Orange County, with two locations in Kiryas Joel also targeted by federal agents. Read more

Monsey – FBI Investigation Raises Questions About Yeshiva Funding

The FBI raids this week on Ramapo-area yeshivas have given new ammunition to critics who question both the quality of secular education in that slice of the Jewish educational system, and how those private religious schools spend public money. Read more

Monsey: FBI Raids Target Education Technology Spending

FBI agents and Rockland district attorney’s office investigators fanned out across Ramapo Wednesday with search warrants demanding that vendors provide records and account for equipment allegedly bought by religious schools with millions in federal education technology dollars. Read more