‘Stripping Isn’t Entertainment’: Israeli Court Shuts Down Strip Club In Diamond Exchange

In a landmark ruling on Monday, an Israeli court ordered the closure of a strip club in a Tel Aviv suburb, ruling that, “Stripping can in no way be considered entertainment.” Read more

$55M Fraud Case Reveals Cracks In Israel Exclusive Diamond Exchange Club

“For seven months Hanan Abramovich told us stories there is money, there isn’t money. Read more

Israel Police: Diamond Industry Scam Artist Stashed Tens of Millions Abroad

A veteran diamond broker is suspected of stashing tens of millions of dollars in foreign bank accounts, after allegedly defrauding some of the most senior diamond industry figures in the country out of approximately $60 million, police said in court on Sunday. Read more

Israel Police: Multi-Million Dollar Theft At Israel’s Diamond Exchange

Israel Police are investigating serious allegations of a huge diamond theft at the Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange, which could cause the bankruptcy of up to a dozen diamond companies. Read more