Israeli Official Troubled By US-Saudi Arms Deal

Two Likud ministers on Sunday voiced concern about Israel’s ability to retain its qualitative military edge in the Middle East, in the first government responses to the $110 billion arms package signed between the US and Saudi Arabia over the weekend aimed at bolstering the Sunni kingdom’s defenses against Iran. Read more

State Department Says Removing Israel From Saudi Visit Video Was ‘Inadvertent Mistake’

The US State Department called the posting of a video by the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia that removed Israel from an announcement about the president’s upcoming trip to the region an “inadvertent mistake.” Read more

German Defense Minister Refuses To Cover Her Head In Saudi Arabia

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen angered Saudi Arabians this week when she refused to wear traditional Muslim attire during her official visit to the kingdom, The Independent reported on Wednesday. Read more

Top-Level Israeli Delegation ‘Visited Riyadh Secretly’

A top-level Israeli delegation that included a senior political figure visited Saudi Arabia a few weeks ago, according to Channel 10. Read more