Husband Catches Wife Cheating Via Phone App and Now Faces Charges of ‘Unlawful Surveillance’

The husband of an alleged cheating wife said he used the “Find My iPhone” app on his phone while looking for a gadget his son misplaced, but along with finding the item, he found his wife in bed with another man. Read more

NBC: Ramapo PD Failed To Follow Procedure In Investigation Of Fatal Collision Crash That Killed One Yeshiva Student

Rockland County, NY – The father of a yeshiva student who was critically injured last fall when he was struck by a speeding car is charging the Ramapo Police Department with mishandling the incident, giving preferential treatment to the driver of the car because he is an off-duty police officer. Read more

Rockland County, NY – Orthodox Jewish Toddler Viciously Attacked By Pitt Bull In Spring Valley

Authorities say a 2-year-old child suffered facial injured following a dog attack in Spring Valley on Thursday afternoon. Read more

FBI Arrest Former Susquehanna International Group Engineer For Code-Theft Scheme

ROCKLAND COUNTY, NY — A software engineer who lives in Rockland County was charged Thursday with attempted theft of trade secrets. Prosecutors say he was out to steal proprietary computer code for a trading platform from his employer, a financial services firm with an office in New York City that trades securities and other financial products. Read more

Rockland County, NY – FBI In Spring Valley Again

SPRING VALLEY, NY — For the second time in six weeks, FBI agents are visiting Spring Valley Village Hall, News 12 reports. Read more

Monsey, NY – Mandatory Rental Registry Launched In Rockland For Landlords Of Multi-Family Dwellings

Monsey, NY – Rockland County has implemented its fourth and final phase in its effort to crack down on illegal housing: creating a registry of all buildings that contain three or more housing units. Read more

Residents Appalled At Swastikas Found Spray-Painted Onto Trees In Secluded New City Site

NEW CITY, N.Y.  — A local rabbi was fighting back after swastikas and other messages of hate were found spray-painted onto trees in the woods in New City. Read more

Rockland County, Town of Ramapo Homes Taken Over For Orthodox Religious Schooling

Residents in the Rockland County town of Ramapo claim town officials are allowing single-family homes on small residential lots to be turned into religious schools with little or no public notice. Read more

Monsey – Young Jewish Children In Rockland County Attending Public School After Not Being Accepted In Yeshiva

TOT notes that these images are viral on social media on Thursday. Additionally, there are many different versions about why these children (and their sisters) were not accepted into Yeshiva; or why they were taken by their father to a public school. Read more

Rockland County, NY – Possibly Anti-Semitic Political Signs Pop Up In Rockland

SPRING VALLEY – Political signs possibly implying that Rockland’s Hasidic community is reliant on welfare have been found in the county. Read more