Secret Service Agents Took Selfies With Trump’s Sleeping Grandson

Two Secret Service agents are under investigation after taking photographs with President Trump’s sleeping 8-year-old grandson, Mother Jones reported Thursday. Read more

Secret Service Nabs Intruder At White House Entrance

A man calling himself a “friend of the president” breached the perimeter of White House grounds with a backpack late Friday night, authorities said Saturday. Read more

Secret Service Director Announces Retirement

WASHINGTON — Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy announced his retirement Tuesday, two years after President Barack Obama appointed him to right the then-troubled agency. Read more

Investigators Probing Plane That Got Too Close To Air Force One

Authorities are investigating an incident over Florida where a private plane got within two nautical miles of Air Force One, which is closer than permitted, Bloomberg reported. Read more

Secret Service Blocks UK Press From Entering White House

Blimey! British journalists were stymied from entering the White House on Friday because of the unfamiliar formats of their birthdays. Read more

Secret Service Agent: I Won’t ‘Take Bullet’ For Trump

A Secret Service agent is under fire for saying she’d rather do jail time than “take a bullet” for President Trump, it was revealed Tuesday. Read more

Secret Service Settles Race Discrimination Case With Black Agents Share Tweet Share Mail

Washington – The U.S. Secret Service has agreed to pay $24 million to settle a 17-year-old federal lawsuit filed by a group of black agents who accused the agency of racial discrimination in its employment practices. Read more

Alleged Longtime Stalker of Ivanka Trump Arrested In NYC

Secret Service agents recently nabbed a longtime stalker of Ivanka Trump just one block from Trump Tower, according to a report. Read more

Secret Service Makes Massive Counterfeit Bust In Peru

US and Peruvian agents seized a record $30 million in counterfeit dollars in the biggest haul of fake US cash ever by the US Secret Service, the agency said on Thursday. Read more

Secret Service Doesn’t Want Trump Going To UFC Fight

President-elect Donald Trump wants to attend the UFC’s big debut at Madison Square Garden Saturday night, but the Secret Service is trying to talk him out of it. Read more