Ivanka Trump Receiving Her Own Secret Service Protection

Ivanka Trump now has her own Secret Service protection, sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News. Read more

Identity of Hillary Clinton’s ‘Mysterious Handler’ Revealed

For several weeks now, speculation has been rampant in the US regarding the identity of a large black man who is seen accompanying democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton nearly everywhere she goes. Read more

New Secret Service Scandal Exposed

Further incidents of Secret Service agents soliciting hookers have been revealed four years after the Colombian prostitution scandal including a report of a male agent who had his gun stolen by a male prostitute he solicited using his government computer in Puerto Rico. Read more

FBI, Secret Service Helping Garland Police Investigate Journalist’s Killing

Federal investigators are stepping in to find a respected freelance journalist’s killer after he was found slain at a vacant home in Texas. Read more

Hillary Clinton ‘Gave Bill A Black Eye In The White House’

The US Secret Service agent who first raised concerns about Monica Lewinsky’s access to the White House is set to publish a book claiming Hillary Clinton “lacks the integrity and temperament” to serve as president. Read more

White House Placed On Lockdown After Object Thrown Over Gate

Washington – The White House has been placed on lockdown after a woman threw something over the north fence along Pennsylvania Avenue. Read more

41 Secret Service Members Spied on Congressman Jason Chaffetz Who Criticized Agency

WASHINGTON — Forty-one Secret Service employees found to have reviewed private agency records involving a U.S. congressman have been disciplined, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Thursday. Read more

Secret Service Agent Shoots Man Brandishing Gun Outside White House

Washington – Law enforcement officers shot a man who brandished a gun near the White House on Friday while President Barack Obama was out golfing, and the man was taken to hospital in critical condition, officials and witnesses said. Read more

Turkish President’s Security Guards Rough Up Journalists In D.C.

New video has emerged of an apparent U.S. Secret Service agent scolding members of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s security detail during an event in which protesters and journalists were roughed up before the world leader’s speech in Washington D.C. on Thursday. Read more

Secret Service Manpower Shortage As Campaigns Ramp Up

WASHINGTON – The Secret Service, tasked with simultaneously protecting President Barack Obama and some of the Republican and Democratic candidates now running to replace him next year, is facing a manpower shortfall at a time of peak demand, the agency told Congress on Tuesday. Read more