Washington – Secret Service Arrests Fence-Jumper At White House

A person who scaled and cleared the White House fence on Sunday night was immediately arrested, the Secret Service said. Read more

Secret Service Chief’s Competence Questioned After Gyrocopter Incident

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, said Sunday that Secret Service officials will talk to panel members this week about the gyrocopter that recently landed on the lawn at Capitol Hill. Read more

Secret Service Officer Aarrested In DC on Burglary Charge

WASHINGTON – A U.S. Secret Service officer was arrested Friday on a burglary charge in Washington, D.C., police told Fox News. Read more

Secret Service Supervisor Accused of Making Unwanted Sexual Advances

The U.S. Secret Service has placed a supervisor on administrative leave and suspended his security clearance, the agency confirmed late Wednesday night, as a report surfaced of an assault claim against the supervisor. Read more

Washington – Video Shows Secret Service Vehicle Bumping Into Barrier

Washington – Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are showing for the first time surveillance video of a March 4 incident at the White House involving Secret Service agents. Read more

‘Tipsy’ Secret Service Duo Drove Into Ongoing Bomb Threat

The two high-ranking Secret Service members who drunkenly crashed a government car into a barricade outside the White House interrupted a bomb investigation and might have even cruised over the suspicious package being probed, according to a report Thursday. Read more

2 Secret Service Agents Investigated For DUI Crash Near White House

WASHINGTON — Another possible case of misconduct involving the Secret Service is under investigation, CBS News has learned. Read more

Secret Service Testing Drones Near White House

WASHINGTON — The Secret Service is conducting middle-of-the-night drone flights near the White House in secret tests to devise a defense against the unmanned aircraft, the Associated Press has learned. Read more