Arby’s Breach May Have Hit 355,000 Credit Cards

SAN FRANCISCO — Malware on cash registers at Arby’s fast food restaurants may have resulted in the breach of more than 355,000 credit and debit cards. Read more

Credit-Card Breach Hits Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall

Hackers swiped credit-card data from customers at Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall and the Beacon Theater for nearly the past year, the venues’ owner revealed Tuesday. Read more

El Al Security Breach

I had the pleasure of being on “flight 007” going from Israel to NY Wednesday. Read more

Security Video Shows Man Breach TSA Checkpoint

DALLAS – For one year, the Transportation Security Administration has refused to say how a man managed to get around a security checkpoint and on a plane at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Read more

Security Breach In Waze Lets Hackers Stalk Users

Computer researchers in the US have demonstrated a way of breaching the globally popular Waze road navigation application that allows hackers to track users’ movements or even create fake traffic jams. Read more

Security Breach: 150 on Flight From Mexico Allowed To Skip Customs, Leave JFK Airport

Officials allowed passengers arriving from Mexico to skip customs and leave John F. Kennedy airport without having their passports or bags checked – days after ISIS threatened an attack on New York City. Read more

What’s Up With WhatsApp? Israeli Firm Uncovers Security Breach

Check Point, an Israel-based security firm, discovered a software vulnerability in the WhatsApp messenger Internet platform, the company reported on Tuesday. Read more