Shaul Spitzer Celebrates Engagement

The Skverer community is celebrating the engagement of Shaul Spitzer, who was recently released from prison after serving a sentence for his involvement in the fire set to the home of Aharon Rottenberg on Truman Avenue in New Square. Read more

New Square – Arsonist Shaul Spitzer To Be Set Free

In a surprise twist, New Square resident Shaul Spitzer was granted “youthful offender” status at a resentencing hearing today, which will trigger his release from jail. Read more

New Square – Aron Rottenberg: Keep Shaul Spitzer In Prison For Setting Me on Fire

Aron Rottenberg lives with the burns inflicted on him by Shaul Spitzer, who set him on fire trying to burn down Rottenberg’s New Square house in 2011. Read more

New Square Firebomber Shaul Spitzer May Walk Years Early

Rockland County, NY – The New York State Supreme Court has reversed the sentence of a New Square resident who was convicted on charges of assault after setting fire to the home of a fellow village resident in May 2011 and has ordered the case back into Rockland County court for further proceedings. Read more