107 Former Justice Officials Think This Case Was Handled Unjustly. DOJ Must Act.

Last week, President Obama granted clemency to 153 individuals who had been incarcerated under mandatory minimum drug-sentencing laws, bringing to more than 1,100 the number of clemency petitions the administration has granted. “You don’t just try to hammer everybody for as long as you can, because you can,” Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates told the New York Times. Read more

WSJ: Obama Should Pardon Sholom Rubashkin

One of the Roman poet Juvenal’s best-known lines is quis custodiet ipsos custodes. Read more

Did Federal Prosecutors Railroad Sholom Rubashkin?

When it comes to criminal prosecutions, the end never justifies the means.

Prosecutors who take shortcuts in winning convictions or lengthy sentences are not only violating the rights of the accused, they’re also undermining our entire system of justice. Read more

Iowa Court Rejects Sholom Rubashkin Appeal

An Iowa court rejected an appeal filed by the attorneys of Sholom Rubashkin (56), the jailed Iowa kosher slaughterhouse executive sentenced to 27 years in prison for fraud and money laundering. Read more

Prosecutors, Judges Decry Sholom Rubashkin “Witch Hunt”

The American legal system is often held to be among the best in the world, but it is not when someone is the victim of conduct that is neither just nor legal. Read more

Sholom Rubashkin Case Gets New Life

Sholom Rubashkin, 56, serving his seventh year of a controversial 27-year prison sentence in the United States for offenses connected to his running of a slaughterhouse in Iowa the largest kosher meat-packing plant in the country may now have reason to be encouraged. Read more