10 Killed In Car Bomb, Shooting Attack In Egypt’s Sinai

EL-ARISH – A car bomb followed by fierce gunfire was unleashed on a military checkpoint in northeastern Sinai Peninsula on Friday, leaving 10 Egyptian security troops including a special forces colonel dead and wounding at least 20, authorities said. Read more

Israeli Dies In Egypt’s Sinai After Being Electrocuted By Faulty Wire

An 18-year-old Israeli died Saturday in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, Israel’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Read more

ISIS Kills 12 Egyptian Soldiers In Armed Attack on Sinai Checkpoint

Islamist militants killed 12 members of Egypt’s military in North Sinai province and wounded six more in an attack on a checkpoint on Friday, the military said, adding that it killed 15 militants in return. Read more

Israel Has Conducted Drone Strikes Against Terrorists In Sinai

Israel has conducted numerous drone strikes against terrorists in Egyptian territory in recent years, Bloomberg quoted a former senior Israeli official as saying on Monday. Read more

The Battle Over Sinai: ISIS’s Next Strong Force

The Russian plane crash in Sinai on October 13, which left 224 people dead, is still preoccupying intelligence organizations around the world. Read more

How A Beach Paradise Became A Hub For Drugs, Money and Terror

Salman Rushdie’s book “The Satanic Verses” opens with the explosion of an airliner named Bostan, a Farsi word that refers to the Garden of Eden. Read more

Russia Acknowledges ‘Act of Terror’ Brought Down Plane In Sinai

Russia’s security chief, FSB head Alexander Bortnikov, acknowledged that terrorism downed a Metrojet flight which crashed in the Sinai several weeks ago, killing 224 people – long after Western intelligence declared that terrorist involvement was ‘probable.’ Read more

Egypt – Report: British Plane Almost Hit By Rocket In Sinai

A British passenger jet had a narrow escape when it came close to being hit by a rocket as it came in to land at Egypt’s Sharm al-Sheikh in August, British media reported on Saturday. Read more

At Least 30 Egyptian Soldiers Killed In Sinai Terror Attacks

At least 30 soldiers were killed after suspected Islamist militants attacked five military posts in Egypt’s North Sinai area on Wednesday, security sources and witnesses said. Read more