Hackers Can Now Steal Your Password Just By Looking At How You Tilt Your Phone

Hackers could steal mobile phone users’ pin numbers from the way their devices tilt as they type on them, researchers have claimed. Read more

Israeli Researchers Develop Method To Catch Smartphone Thieves In 14 Seconds

An Israeli research team has developed a method that detects exactly how you press your touchscreen, so that it can identify someone else using your phone within 14 seconds. Read more

Frum Man Assaulted At Monsey Wedding For Having A Smartphone

Monsey resident 29-year-old Refael Koenig was beaten was using his iPhone to record a Spring Valley chasenah he was attending last week when suddenly, he was attacked for being in possession of a smartphone, Channel 12 News reports. Read more

Belzer Rebbe: Smartphone Owners Are ‘Hiding From The World’

The Belzer Rebbe issued a scathing attack on smartphones and their owners during his annual post-Simchat Torah message to the Belz community, accusing smartphone users of attempting to “hide” and of suffering brain damage, according to the Kikar news site. Read more

Terror Investigators Grapple With Telegram App

PARIS, France — Smartphone app Telegram, favored by the Islamic State group thanks to the encrypted messaging it offers, is proving a headache for French anti-terror investigators. Read more

New York – New York Times Shuts Down NYT Now Smartphone App

New York – The New York Times is shutting down its NYT Now smartphone app because the company says it hasn’t lived up to its hopes in the two years since it was launched in an effort to reach a younger audience. Read more