Google Discovers ‘Israeli’ Spy App Designed To Hack Smartphones

Security researchers at Google and Lookout have discovered an extremely sophisticated Android app capable of spying on users by hacking their smartphones’ camera and microphone, as well as track calls, messages, internet history and more. Read more

NYPD, HSI, Raid Brooklyn Warehouse Filled With $10M Worth of Counterfeit Smartphones

Police scored big on Thursday, when they recovered several million dollars in cash and counterfeit Samsung and Apple electronics. Read more

Google Gets Aggressive With New Phones

Google ratcheted up its rivalry with Apple and Amazon by unveiling new smartphones, an internet-connected speaker that channels a digital assistant, and other gadgets the company hopes to make indispensable. Read more

Viznitz Hassidic Leaders Battle Against Smartphones and WhatsApp

The rabbinic leadership of several hassidic groups has in recent days been stepping up a campaign to implement strict restrictions and conditions on the use of smartphones within the community. Read more

New NYPD Smartphones Helped Cops Nab Suspect

A couple of cops in Brooklyn tracked down a gunman who tried to kill a foe over the weekend — after recognizing his photo on a wanted poster that was sent to their new NYPD-issued smartphones, authorities said. Read more