SpaceX Completes First Successful Launch Since Explosion

LOS ANGELES – A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from California on Saturday and placed a constellation of satellites in orbit, marking the company’s first launch since a fireball engulfed a similar rocket on a Florida launch pad more than four months ago. Read more

SpaceX Finds Cause of Launch Explosion That Destroyed $300M Israeli Satellite

Elon Musk’s SpaceX company announced that it has found the cause of a September launch pad explosion that destroyed a $300 million Israeli communications satellite. Read more

Mysterious Glow A New Twist In Amos-6 Rocket Blast Probe

MIAMI, Florida – The mysterious explosion of a SpaceX rocket last month took an odd turn with a “cordial” encounter between staff of Elon Musk’s firm and fierce rival United Launch Alliance over a mysterious glow on a ULA building nearby during the blast, The Washington Post reported. Read more

Experts Warn Israel Faces Satellite Shortages After Amos-6 Loss

Israel will face a significant shortage of communication satellites in coming years due to the destruction of the Amos-6 satellite in an explosion earlier this month, officials from the country’s space program told a Knesset panel on Sunday. Read more

Chief Rabbi Lau Permitted Satellite Launch on Shabbat

The explosion at the Florida launch site that inflicted irreparable damage on the Israeli “Amos 6” satellite prevented the launch of the satellite last Saturday, on Shabbat. Read more

SpaceX Begins Search For Answers AAfter Launch Explosion

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — SpaceX is scouring computer and video data for clues to the devastating launch pad explosion that destroyed a rocket and satellite. Read more

SpaceX Rocket Explodes, Destroying Israeli Satellite on Board

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida — An explosion rocked a SpaceX launch site Thursday during a routine rocket test, destroying the rocket and an Israeli communications satellite in its payload. Read more

Florida – NASA: SpaceX Vehicle To Resupply Space Station Explodes Shortly After Liftoff

Florida – An unmanned SpaceX rocket carrying supplies and the first-of-its-kind docking port to the International Space Station broke apart Sunday shortly after liftoff. Read more