Rockland County, NY – Orthodox Jewish Toddler Viciously Attacked By Pitt Bull In Spring Valley

Authorities say a 2-year-old child suffered facial injured following a dog attack in Spring Valley on Thursday afternoon. Read more

Rockland County, NY – FBI In Spring Valley Again

SPRING VALLEY, NY — For the second time in six weeks, FBI agents are visiting Spring Valley Village Hall, News 12 reports. Read more

Rockland County Housing Is “Causing A Housing Crisis Like Never Seen Before.”

Hasidic Demand For Rockland County Housing Is “Causing A Housing Crisis Like Never Seen Before.” Read more

Spring Valley Meeting Bombshell: The Mayor Slept With My Wife

A Rockland County village meeting devolved into a scene out of Maury Povich on Tuesday night when a resident accused the mayor of using his “power” to have sex with his wife. Read more

Rockland County – Spring Valley’s Chief Building Inspector Arrested

Rockland County District Attorney Thomas P. Zugibe announced the arrest of Spring Valley Building Inspector Walter Booker on a variety of felony charges, including falsifying a Certificate of Occupancy for a village homeowner. Read more

Anti Semitic Mayor Of Spring Valley Promised To ‘ Vote Against Any Building Permits A Jew Brings’

Mayor Demeza Delhomme pledged to vote against all building permit applications by Jewish developers to retaliate against Jews for supporting political opponents, according to a secretly recorded conversation obtained exclusively by The Journal News. Read more