Swiss Man Who ‘Liked’ Posts Claiming Anti-Semitism Found Guilty of Libel

GENEVA, Switzerland — In a landmark ruling, a Swiss court has fined a man for “liking” comments on Facebook accusing an animal rights activist of being a “racist” and an “anti-Semite.” Read more

Swiss Government Hiding BDS Funding

The NGO Monitor research institute and a Swiss resident submitted a request under the Freedom of Information act to obtain the financial reports and accounting reports concerning various BDS organizations. Read more

Swiss Court Rules Muslim Girls Must Swim With Boys

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled that Muslim parents in Switzerland will have to send their children to attend mixed-gender swimming lessons, despite conceding that religious freedoms were being interfered with, on the grounds that mixed-gender swimming lessons were part of a ‘full school curriculum’ and the children’s ‘successful integration’ into society. Read more

Israeli Tycoon Beny Steinmetz Arrested in Massive Global Bribery Case

Israeli tycoon Beny Steinmetz was detained by police on Monday for his suspected role a sprawling corruption case involving tens of millions of dollars. Read more

Money-Laundering Monitor Says Switzerland Has Work To Do

Switzerland has boosted anti-money laundering measures over the last decade but could still do more to prevent financial crime, the inter-governmental Financial Action Task Force (FATF) said on Wednesday. Read more

Sexual Antisemitic Poster Attacks Netanyahu In Swiss Train Stations

The largest city in Switzerland—Zurich—started last week to run in its main train station antisemitic posters, according to critics that sexually depict the European Union bowing to the dictates of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Read more

Russian ‘Lady Di,’ 19, Dies After BMW Plunges Into Switzerland Lake

A glamorous heiress dubbed ‘Lady Di’ by her pals has died aged just 19 after her BMW spun off a road and crashed into a lake. Read more

‘King of Oil’ Two Calls From Ehud Barak To Bill Clinton May Have Led To President Trump

Several days after her defeat in the presidential election, Hillary Clinton pointed to the person to blame for her failure: FBI Director James Comey, who publicized three decisions about Clinton during the summer and inflicted a mortal blow on her image. Read more

Russia Furious As Presidential Plane Gets Swiss ‘Escort’

Moscow demanded an explanation from the Swiss government after a Russian presidential plane carrying a team of journalists and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation delegation members was closely followed by three Swiss fighter jets across Switzerland’s air space. Read more

Israel – Four Suspects Questioned on Unreported HSBC Accounts

The Israel Tax Authority has a list of 8,000 Israelis with accounts in HSBC Switzerland. Arrests are imminent. Read more