EU Draft Also Disregards Jewish Connection To Temple Mount

The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem is fuming over a draft decision distributed on Thursday by representatives of the European Union at meetings of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee in Istanbul on the subject of the Israeli capital’s Old City that completely ignores the Jewish connection to the site. Read more

Anti-Semitic French President Francois Hollande Backing ‘Shameful’ UNESCO Resolution on Jerusalem

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a strongly worded letter to French President Francoise Hollande to condemn Paris’s support for a recent controversial UNESCO resolution, days before the French leadership apologized for the vote, Channel 2 news reported Saturday. Read more

UNESCO Temple Mount Denial Is Worse Than Holocaust Denial’

In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, leading pro-Israeli Christian groups are heading to the UN to condemn UNESCO’s effort to deny the Jewish nature of the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism. Read more

Israel Protests UNESCO ‘Muslim Temple Mount’ Decision

Under Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s orders, the Foreign Minister issued a strongly-worded protest letter to all the countries that supported the recent UNESCO decision divorcing the Temple Mount from the Jewish people and treating it only as a Muslim site. Read more

Chief Of Israeli Police Sends Unusual Warning To PM Netanyahu About Temple Mount Unrest

Jerusalem – Chief Commissioner of the Israel Police Roni Alsheikh sent a rare and strongly-worded letter on Sunday to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warning of the danger of provocative visits to the Temple Mount by politicians in advance of Passover. Read more

Belz Hassidim: Visit The Temple Mount and You’re Out

The family of Rabbi Yosef Yechiel Elboim, a well-known family in the Belz hassidim in Jerusalem, is known as supporting ascents to the Temple Mount a position which made them the subject of a protest outside their home Monday night. Read more

Jewish Woman Loses Gun For ‘Praying on Temple Mount’

In the middle of an Arab terror wave centered around Jerusalem’s Old City, a 55-year-old female Jewish resident of the restive area has had her license to carry a handgun removed by the Internal Security Ministry. Read more