Iran’s New Missile Puts Israel ‘In Range’

As the US and its allies continue to discuss limiting Iran’s nuclear program with Tehran, the Iranian military on Sunday announced that it had developed a new long-range cruise missile with a range of some 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) – putting Israel well within its reach, Israeli sources said. Read more

Car Terror Attack Near Border Police Base In Jerusalem

ZAKA reported Friday morning that a rampage terror attack occurred a short time ago near the Border Patrol’s base in the Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood in Jerusalem. Read more

Israel: Argentina Responsible For Embassy Bombing Investigation

Israel told Argentina’s president that her country is responsible for investigating a 1992 attack on its embassy in Buenos Aires. Read more

France Seeks Three Palestinians Suspected In 1982 Paris Jewish Quarter Attack

France had an international arrest warrant issued against three Palestinians it suspects of carrying out a deadly terrorist attack 32 years ago against Paris Jews. Read more

Bangladesh Arrests Suspect In Killing of American Blogger

Bangladeshi security officials arrested a suspect Monday in the killing of an American writer who was a prominent critic of extremist Islam and was hacked to death last week as he walked with his wife in Dhaka, a government spokesman said. Read more

Washington – Somali-American On FBI Most Wanted List Detained In Somalia

Washington – A former Washington-area taxi driver who was on the FBI’s “Most Wanted Terrorists” list has been detained and is in the custody of the Somali government, a U.S. government source said on Monday. Read more

Three Israelis Indicted For Helping Hamas Build Terror Tunnels

The State Attorney’s Office filed indictments Monday, as well as remand requests, against three Israelis accused of aiding in Hamas’ quest to build terror tunnels into israel.

One of the defendants is a resident of a community in the Eshkol Regional Council; the other two defendants reside in the center of the country.

In addition to being charged with the sale and transfer of goods which have dual use, and are prohibited from entering Gaza, the three are also accused of aggravated fraud, money laundering, and various tax offenses. Read more

Europe Turns To Israeli Know-How To Fight Terror

The images from last week’s terror attacks in Paris were not foreign to Israeli eyes; and it’s safe to assume that among the means and measures employed by the French security forces were products of the Israeli commercial security industry.

Don’t expect confirmation of this; confidentiality agreements and the fact that the use of Israeli-made measures is an increasingly touchy issue will keep things under wraps. Nevertheless, the use of these Israeli-produced security measures is likely to increase from now. Read more

Iranian General Among Dead In IAF Golan Strike

An Israeli strike on Syria that killed six members of the Iran-proxy Hezbollah terrorist organization also killed six Iranian solders and commanders, including an Iranian general.

“The Israeli strike killed six Iranian soldiers, including commanders, as well as the six members of Hezbollah. They were all in a convoy of three cars,” a source close to the Shia Islamist group told AFP on condition of anonymity. Read more