Secret Service: Protecting Trump Family Comes With Additional $60M

The Secret Service added $60 million to its 2018 budget request to cover the escalating costs for protection and travel for US President Donald Trump and his family, according to internal documents. Read more

The Russian, Israeli Crime Organization In Trump Tower

The FBI did wiretap Trump Tower, but its target was not the future president of the United States and the operation was over well before Donald Trump even declared his candidacy. Read more

Trump’s Hotel In Azerbaijan Linked With Corruption

An unopened Trump hotel in Azerbaijan has been linked to corrupt officials who support the Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, reports Adam Davidson in a New Yorker piece. Read more

France’s Far-Right Leader Marine Le Pen Seen At Trump Tower

Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s far-right Front National, has been seen drinking coffee in the basement of Trump Tower in New York after her party had refused to say whether or not she was meeting Donald Trump. Read more

NYPD Commissioner: Muslims On Trump Security Detail

New York – The top police official in New York City is calling it “ironic” that some NYPD officers assigned to a security detail at Trump Tower are Muslim. Read more