Top Journalist Sues Time For ‘Sex and Age Discrimination’

A journalist who was fired from her position as an editor at Time magazine is now suing the publication claiming she was discriminated against because of her gender and age. Read more

UK Court Rejects Russia’s Extradition Request For Berezovsky’s Son-In-Law

A bid by the Russian Federation to extradite the former son-in-law of an outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin has failed. Read more

Meet The Private Detective Whose Job Is To Catch The Men With Their Pants Down

Rebecca Jane, 32, has snared hundreds of unfaithful partners after launching her business in Manchester back in 2009 – using techniques straight out of a spy thriller. Read more

Mafia Money Pollutes The EU, UK, Economy

Major profits from large-scale illegal activities have to be laundered to enter the so-called clean economy. Read more

UK Watchdog Accuses Police of Failure To Crack Down on Antisemitic Crime

“Despite promises to crack down on antisemitic crime, the number of antisemitic crimes charged in 2016 decreased drastically,” the British Campaign Against Antisemitism said on Saturday, with the release of its annual National Antisemitic Crime Audit. Read more

Phillip Harkins Loses Record-Breaking 14-Year Battle Against Extradition To US For Murder

A British man who is wanted for murder in the US, has lost his 14-year-long legal battle against extradition. Read more

Anti-Mafia Raids 33 Suspects In Spain, Italy, Germany ‘Target Neapolitan Mafia’

Police detained 33 people in Spain, Italy and Germany on Wednesday as part of a Europe-wide operation against suspected members of Italy’s Camorra crime group, law enforcement officials said. Read more

How UK Police Are Turning To Israel For Help Stopping ‘Lone Wolf’ Terror Attacks

“Eight minutes would be too long, we cannot afford eight minutes” Chief Inspector Micky Rosenfeld shook his head. “Too many could be killed and injured in that time, I am afraid, we need to move and counter attacks here much faster.” Read more

London – UK Student, 18, Arrested In International Cyberattack

An 18-year-old student in northwestern England has been charged in a series of cyberattacks on the websites of nearly a dozen multinational firms. Read more

Albanian Gangs ‘Controlling’ UK Drug Trafficking Market

The National Crime Agency has said it is increasingly concerned about violent Albanian criminal gangs, which have considerable control over the illegal cocaine market. Read more