Ukraine Parliament Approves First Ever Jewish Prime Minister

Ukraine’s parliament Thursday confirmed the appointment of Volodymr Groysman as premier in a 257 to 50 vote replacing Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Read more

Ukraine Investigates Israeli MK Yakov Margi For Visiting Crimea

MK Yakov Margi (Shas) got into trouble following a visit he paid to the Russian occupied territory of Crimea in the Ukraine. Margi, met with the leader of the Russian puppet government, President of the Republic of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov. Read more

Diplomatic Incident With Ukraine, Israeli Lawmaker Meets With Head of Crimea Puppet Regime

The chairman of the Knesset’s Education committee, MK Yakov Margi of the Shas party, has caused was appears to be an embarrassing diplomatic incident with the government of Ukraine. Read more

The Rise of An Ultra-Orthodox Ukrainian Jew

Asher Tcherkasski’s life revolved around the traditions of Orthodox Judaism and raising three children to observe these traditions. But the war in eastern Ukraine changed all that. Read more

Ukrainian-Jewish Billionaire Sues Russia Over Inability To Operate Crimea Airport

Ukrainian-Jewish billionaire Igor Kolomoisky sued Russia in an international court over his inability to operate an airport in Crimea. Read more

Haredi Couple From Israel Caught With Drugs In Ukraine

Ukrainian police arrested an ultra-Orthodox couple from Israel at Kiev’s Boryspil Airport after finding more than two pounds of marijuana in their luggage. Read more

Ukrainian Legislator Artyom Vitko Salutes Adolf Hitler

A video of a Ukrainian opposition lawmaker saluting Adolf Hitler made its way online this weekend, only days after his country’s President apologized for Ukrainian collaborators’ role in the Holocaust during a state visit to Israel. Read more

Uman – Jewish Encampment In Uman Ruined In Attack By Right-Wing Ukrainian Nationalists

Ukrainian nationalists destroyed a tent city erected by Hasidic Jews in Uman, ahead of the annual Rosh Hashanah pilgrimage. Read more