Kiryas Joel, NY – KJ School Denies Sex Abuse Allegations; Investigation Continues

Kiryas Joel, NY – More than one week after video of a Kiryas Joel school principal allegedly seen kissing a young boy as he held him tightly in his office surfaced on social media, a statement by United Talmudical academy officlas has been released saying that no criminal activity is evident in the footage. Read more

NYSP: Video of Kiryas Joel Principal and Young Boy Under Investigation

State police are investigating a video purporting to show a school principal in close physical contact with a young boy in the Orange County village of Kiryas Joel. Read more

Ultra-Orthodox Take Facebook To Fight Sex Abuse

The scene captured by the surveillance camera shows an ultra-Orthodox man trying to force himself on a young boy in the narrow entrance of an apartment building. Read more

Dutch Jewish Teacher Arrested In Tel Aviv on Amsterdam Sex Charges

A Dutch Jewish teacher suspected of sexually abusing children has been arrested in Tel Aviv earlier this week, two years after the Netherlands asked for his extradition, the Dutch Telegraaf reported on Thursday. Read more

Ultra-Orthodox Man Goes Berserk On EL AL Flight Over ‘Immodest Movie’

An Israeli passenger responded violently on an EL AL plane from Poland on Wednesday over what he said was an “immodest movie” that was playing on the in-flight entertainment system, Channel 2 reported. Read more

Judge Orders New Jersey ‘Gay Conversion’ Nonprofit To Close

Newark, NJ – A New Jersey nonprofit that was sued for offering to turn gays to heterosexuals has been ordered to close. Read more

Ultra-Orthodox Matchmaking: Everything It’s Best Not To Know

I remember the lesson as if it were yesterday. As in all 12th grade classes full of teenage girls, many of us focused on chatting between ourselves until the teacher got fed up. “Just so you know girls,” she said in a dramatic tone, “when I speak with mothers and matchmakers about a student of mine I don’t gloss over the reality. Your behavior today, even in class, will determine the kind of man that will be suggested for you in the future.” Read more

The Meteor From Borough Park: Meet The Hasidic Woman Who Manages Risk For The NSA

WASHINGTON – This is the impossible story of a girl from a Hasidic community in Brooklyn, who was raised speaking Yiddish and studied Torah in Hebrew, of how she succeeded in breaking boundaries, shattering stereotypes and leaving the ascetic Borough Park neighborhood to study in prestigious Columbia University, while strictly observing her ultra-Orthodox tradition. Read more

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Children Told ‘The Non-Jews’ Are ‘Evil’ In Worksheet Produced By London School

British three-year-olds have been told “the non-Jews” are “evil” in a Kindergarten worksheet handed out at ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools in north London, it can be revealed. Read more

Ultra Orthodox Kosher Authority Forces Jerusalem Cafe To Close on Shabbat

A Landwer café in downtown Jerusalem has agreed not to open on Shabbat after an ultra-Orthodox organization threatened to remove the kashrut certification of Landwer Coffee, which is a separate firm to the café chain but was founded by the same family. Read more