This Couple Wants Israelis To Stop Abandoning Down Syndrome Babies At The Hospital

When Rifky and Yossi Bar set out to adopt a child, they had one key criterion: They would only take a baby that nobody else in the world wanted. Read more

El Al Sued For Discrimination

An 81-year-old woman from Jerusalem may set a legal precedent regarding religiously-motivated gender segregation in Israel’s public spaces. Read more

Viznitz Hassidic Leaders Battle Against Smartphones and WhatsApp

The rabbinic leadership of several hassidic groups has in recent days been stepping up a campaign to implement strict restrictions and conditions on the use of smartphones within the community. Read more

Military Police Force Attacked By Ultra-Orthodox Jews In Ashdod

Military police who came to an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Ashdod Monday night to arrest an army deserter were attacked by protesters. Read more

Inside The Phenomenon of ‘Frum Porn’

Sexual modesty is a staple of nearly all of the world’s major religions. Christianity forbids sex before marriage and Islam requires that women remain covered to various degrees. Read more

More Ultra-Orthodox Israelis Are Traveling Abroad

Secular people looking for a vacation abroad think mainly about destination and price. They look on the Internet for good deals and might even wait until the last minute to decide, depending on what comes up. For the ultra-Orthodox, things are not so simple. Read more

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Clash With Police To Protest Cinema That Operates On The Sabbath

Jerusalem – Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews hurled stones and violently clashed with Border Police and law enforcement officials in Jerusalem on Friday to protest the opening of a new cinema that operates on the Jewish Sabbath. Read more

Representatives of Ultra-Orthodox, LGBT Communities Meet In Tel Aviv

An uncommon sight greeted visitors to Tel Aviv’s Gan Meir park on Wednesday night: Several ultra-Orthodox Jews, mainly men in black suits, entered the city’s Gay Center, located within the park. On their way to a meeting on the second floor, they incurred quizzical looks from some young people who were waiting for an HIV test. The puzzlement was mutual. Read more

Ultra-Orthodox Youth With Cancer Begs For Right To Die With Dignity

A teenager who fled chemotherapy treatment at a Haifa hospital last week has now posted a video clip begging to be allowed to die with dignity. Read more

Parents Shunned Faigy Mayer For Leaving Hasidic Judaism

She broke free from the iron-tight grip of her ultra-conservative Hasidic community — only to kill herself after years of struggling with that decision. Read more