In Uganda, Deported Migrants Accuse Israel of ‘Trafficking In Refugees’

Last Monday, the High Court ruled that the government can continue its practice of “willing deportation” of African migrants to third countries, i.e., not the ones they came from. Read more

Guatemala President Expels UN Anti-Corruption Chief

GUATEMALA CITY – Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales announced Sunday he is expelling the head of a U.N. anti-corruption commission that is investigating the president’s campaign financing. Read more

US Convicts Macau Billionaire Ng Lap Seng In UN Bribery Scandal

A Chinese billionaire was convicted Thursday of paying bribes to United Nations officials, including former General Assembly President John Ashe. Read more

UN Ambassador Admits Taking Millions In Bribes From Chinese Billionaire

A suspended UN diplomat has testified in a US court that a Chinese billionaire paid him up to US$ 50,000 monthly in return for help securing a contract to build a UN conference center, media reported Friday. Read more

UN Official Charged With Visa Scam

A high-ranking UN official with a Ph.D. in economics was charged Tuesday with being a deadbeat boss — and then lying to the federal government about it. Read more

Ng Lap Seng: NY Judge Blocks Evidence of Payments

According to website Law 360, a New York federal judge has prevented prosecutors from presenting evidence of payments allegedly made by Macau billionaire Ng Lap Seng to a former U.S. lawmaker. Read more

US Judge Rules FBI Interview of Macau Billionaire Ng Lap Seng Is Inadmissible At Bribery Trial

NEW YORK -” Prosecutors cannot use post-arrest statements a Chinese billionaire made to the FBI at his Manhattan trial on charges stemming from a United Nations bribery scandal, a judge ruled Wednesday. Read more

Former UN Staffer and Journalist Arrested For NYC Bank Robbery Spree

MIDTOWN, Manhattan – A journalist for an African news agency who briefly worked at the United Nations is accused of robbing four banks in Midtown. Read more

Arrest Made In Michael Sharp Kidnapping, Death

KINSHASA, Congo — A suspect has been arrested in connection with the deaths of an American and a Swedish investigator for the United Nations and their interpreter, but another suspect has escaped, a Congolese military official said Friday. Read more

Bodies of Michael Sharp, 2 Others, Found In Congo

DAKAR, Senegal — Congolese authorities say the bodies of an American and a Swedish U.N. expert and their interpreter have been found in the Central Kasai region where they recently disappeared. Read more